New Film Coming Soon!!!

Lone Tree Films is shooting a new film project this summer! THE SILVER SCREEN ROADSHOW. Written and Directed by David Metzger. Co-produced by Pretty Beard Productions. Starring Rachel Riendeau, Elsha van Apledoorn, and Devon Ewalt.

A whimsical, heartfelt story about an egocentric but down on her luck ex-filmmaker, on a foolhardy quest to purchase a movie theatre with a working film projector, who must transport her estranged eleven year old sister to a foster family after the sudden passing of their single mother and the two hit the road bonding over a love of cinema as they travel to movie houses along the way. Shot in gorgeous black and white and channeling the bygone era of films by Howard Hawks, John Ford, Ernst Lubitsch, and Billy Wilder, THE SILVER SCREEN ROADSHOW is a love letter to film lovers around the world! 

  Production is set to begin in August and is still looking to cast several supporting roles. Please contact us with any interest and check out the new page on the website! More details to follow!!!


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