“The goal was to make a warm, joyful film. There’s a lot of darkness right now and a lot of events with the aim to divide us and tear us apart. Movies have always been a great unifier. No matter who you are, I bet we can agree that Casablanca is a wonderful film. I love watching people light up about a movie they enjoy. Its a great feeling of connection that we need now more than ever… and that’s what The Silver Screen Roadshow is all about… Some of the great films of the 30’s and 40’s were made with the intention of allowing the audience to laugh, smile, and escape the horrors of The Great Depression. That’s the power and magic of cinema.”

- writer/producer/director David Metzger

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I make a show about appreciating classic films. I’m about to make my fourth feature film about an ex-filmmaker on a cross-country search for a local theatre with a working film projector to buy and live the rest of her life screening old films. People ask me; “why do I love old movies so much?” It’s a feeling. As a film lover there’s a true feeling of comfort and warmth I get from the black and white photography, the stories, and the performances. As a filmmaker there’s so much craft to be inspired by and respect because those film directors put such a premium on the importance of the screenplay and creating stories and characters that enlighten and entertain in a very magical way. To watch Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tap-dance on roller-skates in SHALL WE DANCE from 1937 is to experience pure, genuine movie magic. How do you not love that? It’s like asking why listen to The Beatles, B.B. King, or Mozart.
— Writer/Director David Metzger
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